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Certified Integrative Nutrition and Fitness Coach



Dancer, Choreographer, Photographer, and Certified Hatha Yoga Instructor



Psycho-Analytical Astrologer

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Choreographer, Dancer, Journalist, and Yoga Instructor

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Medium & Energy Healer

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Eco-friendly Vegan Candles & Palo Santos

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Nutrition and Hormone Balance Therapist


Meet the Performers

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Brandi Birdsong

Brandi Birdsong is currently in her last semester at Cal State Fullerton majoring in Vocal Performance. She has been described as a vocalist with "rich tones" and "endless passion". Though she is classically trained, she has shown her versatility singing in genres, such as Broadway, Jazz, and R&B style for various performance opportunities. Some notable achievements include being a featured vocalist in the Braindead x Converse short film titled "Variations" directed by Dev Hynes and being a featured musician in the jazz set performance at CAAM for MLK Day.


Meet the Organizers

Coming together from a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences, these skilled individuals are the backbone of "Wellness for the People." The idea for the event originated from choreographer, dancer, journalist and yoga instructor, Sabriyya Ghanizada aka Mother Moon. The intention behind the event is "To provide resources to the community that uplift the spirits of those craving connection and empower them to take control of their wellness...while promoting Black/POC artists and businesses!" - Sabriyya Ghanizada. Read on to learn more about our incredible organizers.

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Sabriyya Ghanizada

Mother Moon - Founder

Sabriyya Ghanizada is pursuing her bachelor degree in Journalism News at Humboldt State University. She writes horoscopes for Intentions Zine, an online magazine aimed towards uplifting Black, Indigenous & POC creatives. Her experience as a dance team director, choreographer and competition judge has led her to continue to use movement as a means to build community. Currently, she is in the process of completing her yoga certification with the intention of creating a space that combines her passion of self care for the mind, body and spirit.

Ariel Parker

Upset Homegirls - Arts Communication Director

Ariel is a dance instructor based in Orange County, California. In addition to working toward a BA in Dance from a school in the California State University system. She is a choreographer and a visual arts enthusiast. Through her work, she aspires to push artistic expression and emotional, and physical release.


Brandy Factory

Upset Homegirls - Marketing Director

In addition to Marketing and Designing all of the Upset Homegirl's media, Brandy Factory is a Los Angeles based Dancer, Choreographer, Photographer, and Certified Hatha Yoga Instructor. She has recently received her BA in Dance from Cal State Fullerton. In her work, she focuses on integrating culturally significant elements in order to bridge the importance of other dance forms being present in mainstream dance and performance mediums.

Esther Fagbamila

Upset Homegirls - Executive Director

Esther Fagbamila is completing her last semester at a school in the California State University System. She is majoring in Public Health and Biology and minoring in African American studies. She is the Executive Director and co-founder of Upset Homegirls, a Non-Profit Organization fighting for social justice by hosting events that enhance community engagement. In her junior year at CSUF, she felt moved to integrate her pain and frustration with the state of the Black American experience into action. The first generation Nigerian-American strives for Black unity through her work and her actions.


Laryssa Odd

Upset Homegirls - Director of Communications

Alongside being apart of Upset Homegirls, Laryssa is a soon to be graduate of a school in the California State University system. She is majoring in Criminal Justice with a minor in African-American studies. She is hoping to combine her studies with her reality of being a black woman. The goal is to become more educated on the Criminal Justice system to help black lives become more knowledgeable as well.

Zion Pham

Upset Homegirls - Official Spokesperson

Zion is a student in the California State University system working towards a degree majoring in theatre and minoring in African American studies. When he isn’t working on school or with Upset Homegirls, he is working to further his career in acting. Other interests of his include reading, writing, and educating the masses.